How to Encourage Children to Read

Cotsen Childrens Library Princeton

Children tend to pick up some of the habits of the adults around them. And they can be quite an observant lot. If you want to develop a child’s passion for reading, telling them to pick up a book and read may not always work. Here are a few ideas on how you can inspire the kids around you to develop a love for books and reading.

Give them books
If you are an adult figure in a child’s life, whether as a parent or a friend of the family, start introducing them to books at an early age. Choose age-appropriate books as gifts for special occasions. Or you can take your pick of literary-inspired items.

Read them stories
Reading them a story from a book is a great way to introduce them to the fun of reading. And one of the best things about reading or storytelling is that it usually does not take a lot of time. There are many fascinating children’s books out there that you can read out loud in just a few minutes.

Take them to a book trip or adventure
Taking kids to a library, bookstore, or book cafes introduces them to the world of books. It gives them a chance to see a lot of books and mingle with people who are passionate about literature and reading. They can browse through the children’s sections of libraries and bookshops as they explore and discover more things to read.

Make it fun
Reading is not something you have to force on children. If you want them to develop a lasting love for reading, the best thing you can do is to help make it a pleasant experience for them. And that means not forcing them to read if they do not want to. You can take a more subtle approach by surrounding them with books and letting them explore the joys of reading on their own.

Top 3 Books About MIG Welding

Wanna end up welding like a boss? Then read these informative books about MIG welding to start your fantastic welding career!

Basic TIG & MIG Welding 2nd Edition


Authored by Ivan H. Griffin, this book is ideal for the beginner welder who wants to get the necessary information about welding aluminum and steel. It supplies enough metal info too, plus some welder and filler wire/rod information. The book is divided into two parts: MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) so as not to confuse the readers. The book includes charts that are useful too. All in all, this publication is for beginner and intermediate welders who want to get information about the MIG and TIG processes from a book that’s easy to comprehend. I’m telling you, this isn’t like any other welding book that’s so bewildering to understand.

MIG Welding Guide

MIG-welding-guide-bookThanks to Klas Weman, you can now learn more about MIG welding! This type of welding process is so essential in industrial manufacturing, and this 2006 book provides in-depth and easy-to-comprehend information about the process. It provides various topics from the selection of shielding gases to filler materials. It even includes tips on how to choose welding equipment. It’s a book that’s filled with practical advice. All your questions about MIG welding can be answered by this book. Also, it also gives an overview of the recent developments in several processes like new high-productive methods, flux cored arc welding, MIG-brazing, pulsed MIG welding, robotic welding applications, and more! The book is written for designers, welding engineers, production engineers, and everyone involved in industrial manufacturing.

Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics

Stephen Christena has blessed us with his 2014 book about MIG welding. And we have to thank him for that! This publication will allow you to master the art of MIG welding. It provides step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting procedures, and learning tools—all the information you need for your welding career. It also provides fabrication techniques that will enable you to create, repair, and duplicate projects easier.


This book is more comprehensive than the previous two since it begins with how you should set up your studio, how to make sure your studio is safe, and the materials you’ll need to start with welding. The book features complete metalworking photos and tutorials which will make it quicker for you to grasp information. Detailed techniques are provided, and I assure you, you’ll love them. This DIY book will make you love MIG welding as you upgrade your skills. It presents all that you need from a MIG welding book.

Why You Should Read More About Cannabis

When you hear someone talk about cannabis, what comes into your mind?

Is it only the danger that comes from being addicted to it? Or is it just the consequences that come from being addicted to it?


Because you see, no matter how dangerous the world perceives cannabis to be, the fact remains that it is one of the world’s most useful herbs – with health benefits that even go beyond any medical advancements today. From preventing symptoms from affecting one’s daily life to complications from affecting the rest of one’s life, cannabis is known to fight every threat in our bodies in the most natural way possible and without us worrying about coming back to the hospital for how many times just to make sure that what we’re ingesting are taking effect the right way.


Thus one reason why you should read more about cannabis not just for the sake of becoming aware about its limitless applications especially when it comes to one’s health, but also for the sake of noting the right way to use it – something that most people fail to do; hence, the reason why cannabis has been tagged as a forbidden plant for such a long time despite its benefits that is not just limited to improving one’s health.

Even more so:

Reading more about cannabis allows you to be more objective about things.

As mentioned before, cannabis is deemed as one of the world’s most dangerous herbs. However, and especially if you look into it from a different perspective, cannabis would then be deemed as one of the world’s healthiest plants. With benefits that can exceed just about anyone’s expectations when it comes to health and fitness, being objective about cannabis itself proves to be the wisest move you can ever make upon deciding whether or not – let’s say – you need to grow your own garden of it using these value picks in 2018.

Reading more about cannabis allows you to be more appreciative about things.

And by this, it means that things such as your own life will become more beautiful. And that’s because as you read more about cannabis, you will also learn more about doing whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy and fit – not just for the sake of your own self, but also for the sake of your loved ones who would move mountains just to help keep each other’s well-being safe from the real threat of ingesting machine-made medicines on a regular basis just to maintain normal body functions unlike when you’re using natural plant remedies such as that of cannabis.

4 Must-Read Books About Blackjack

Before you play the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Blackjack versions, read the following books to help you strategize your way to victory!

After you’ve read this article and the books, you can check out my favorite blackjack version for CS:GO. Have fun playing!

Blackjack: Play Like The Pros: A Complete Guide to Blackjack

blackjack-play-like-the-prosAre you a beginner? Let John Bukofsky teach you how to play! This book will give you the essential information you need to have an advantage. It has simple techniques that can increase your chances of winning. Read this book and let the odds be in your favor!

Million Dollar Blackjack

million-dollar-blackjack-bookWant to win more? Ken Uston is the man you should ask. This book has over 100,000 copies sold and its considered the most significant Blackjack book ever written. The book has all the rewarding techniques you need to know when playing the game. It doesn’t just include necessary knowledge about Blackjack; it also presents the author’s experiences concerning the renowned game.

The Theory of Blackjack: The Compleat Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21

the-theory-of-blackjackWritten by Peter A. Griffin, this publication will give you methods you’ve never encountered before. It lucidly explains the techniques you need to apply to analyze every aspect of the game. Basic strategies for playing any number of decks are also included, as well as the rules that make the blackjack game a blackjack game. It’s informative and entertaining at the same time!

Professional Blackjack

professional-blackjackIf there’s one more person you need to ask in order to win all the time, it’s gotta be Stanford Wong, a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. In this book, you’ll be able to know how he manages to be victorious at every game. It provides simple explanations on how to win. But in case you want something a bit heavy, the book also contains an in-depth coverage of related complex systems. This book will let you win any blackjack game with only the best and proper strategies in mind. If anything, it’s the book that’ll make you win bigtime.

Bookish Attractions in Singapore


What to see in Singapore in 1 day is not an easy question to answer, especially if it is your first visit in the city-state. Despite its fairly small size compared with its other Southeast Asian neighbors, Singapore is packed with popular and under the radar attractions you will want to explore. But if you all things books and literary, here are some of the must-see bookish spots you need to check out.

Basheer Graphic Books
Location: Bras Basah Complex #04-19, 231 Bain St.
Why go: Basheer Graphic Books is a go-to bookstore for anyone looking for everything graphic design. It also has a wide collection of titles on architecture and other creative and design topics.

Location: 9 Yong Siak St.
Why go: One of the country’s best-known independent bookstores, BooksActually features an extensive collection of Singaporean literature including hard-to-find titles. It also boasts a wide array of notebooks, stationeries, and other items.

Location: Various (Ngee Ann City, Liang Court, Bugis Junction, Jem)
Why go: Kinokuniya is Singapore’s biggest bookstore with numerous local and foreign-language titles. From comics and magazines to books and so much more, this is a place bibliophiles will surely love.

Open Book Cafe
Location: 25 Bukit Pasoh Rd.
Why go: Open Book Cafe is a cozy small cafe at the back of the Grassroots Book Room which offers mostly Chinese books. It is easy to miss if you do not know what lies hidden behind the bookstore which makes it a great place to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while reading a good book.

7 Best Gifts for Book Lovers


Finding the best gift for a book lover can be tricky. A good book may be the safest choice, but there is always a chance that well-read person in your life may have already read it. If you do not want to ruin the surprise, ditch book gift idea and go for any of these:

1. Framed art prints
A framed literature-themed art print or poster featuring a famous writer’s quote makes a great addition to a bookworm’s room or reading nook.

2. Book-themed scented candles
Most, if not all, avid readers love the smell of books. Thankfully, there is a growing selection of literary candles out there with scents reminiscent of old books and libraries.

3. Quirky and unique bookends
The bibliophile in your life will never have enough books. So you cannot go wrong with beautiful, quirky, or uniquely designed bookends. From superhero-themed bookends to funny designs, you can take you pick from a wide array of interesting bookends that will make a bookworm happy.

4. Not your ordinary bookmarks
If in need of a bookmark, a lot of book lovers out there can use just about anything they can get their hands on. And you will not catch most of them making dog ears on their beloved books. You cannot go wrong with a bookmark that meets both aesthetics and practicality.

5. Literary tea blends
The Literary Tea Collection by First Edition Tea Co. offers a selection of tea blends like Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby. You can also check out the organic teas and book-themed tins at NovelTeas.

6. Personal library kit
The Knock Knock® Personal Library Kit is something for every bibliophile who does not want to lose any of his or her precious collection.

7. Bookish coffee mugs
Who can say no to a coffee mug that reflects a bookworm’s passion for literature? And the great thing picking a literary mug is that there are plenty of designs and options you can choose from.