Top 3 Books About MIG Welding

Wanna end up welding like a boss? Then read these informative books about MIG welding to start your fantastic welding career!

Basic TIG & MIG Welding 2nd Edition


Authored by Ivan H. Griffin, this book is ideal for the beginner welder who wants to get the necessary information about welding aluminum and steel. It supplies enough metal info too, plus some welder and filler wire/rod information. The book is divided into two parts: MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) so as not to confuse the readers. The book includes charts that are useful too. All in all, this publication is for beginner and intermediate welders who want to get information about the MIG and TIG processes from a book that’s easy to comprehend. I’m telling you, this isn’t like any other welding book that’s so bewildering to understand.

MIG Welding Guide

MIG-welding-guide-bookThanks to Klas Weman, you can now learn more about MIG welding! This type of welding process is so essential in industrial manufacturing, and this 2006 book provides in-depth and easy-to-comprehend information about the process. It provides various topics from the selection of shielding gases to filler materials. It even includes tips on how to choose welding equipment. It’s a book that’s filled with practical advice. All your questions about MIG welding can be answered by this book. Also, it also gives an overview of the recent developments in several processes like new high-productive methods, flux cored arc welding, MIG-brazing, pulsed MIG welding, robotic welding applications, and more! The book is written for designers, welding engineers, production engineers, and everyone involved in industrial manufacturing.

Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics

Stephen Christena has blessed us with his 2014 book about MIG welding. And we have to thank him for that! This publication will allow you to master the art of MIG welding. It provides step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting procedures, and learning tools—all the information you need for your welding career. It also provides fabrication techniques that will enable you to create, repair, and duplicate projects easier.


This book is more comprehensive than the previous two since it begins with how you should set up your studio, how to make sure your studio is safe, and the materials you’ll need to start with welding. The book features complete metalworking photos and tutorials which will make it quicker for you to grasp information. Detailed techniques are provided, and I assure you, you’ll love them. This DIY book will make you love MIG welding as you upgrade your skills. It presents all that you need from a MIG welding book.