How to Encourage Children to Read

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Children tend to pick up some of the habits of the adults around them. And they can be quite an observant lot. If you want to develop a child’s passion for reading, telling them to pick up a book and read may not always work. Here are a few ideas on how you can inspire the kids around you to develop a love for books and reading.

Give them books
If you are an adult figure in a child’s life, whether as a parent or a friend of the family, start introducing them to books at an early age. Choose age-appropriate books as gifts for special occasions. Or you can take your pick of literary-inspired items.

Read them stories
Reading them a story from a book is a great way to introduce them to the fun of reading. And one of the best things about reading or storytelling is that it usually does not take a lot of time. There are many fascinating children’s books out there that you can read out loud in just a few minutes.

Take them to a book trip or adventure
Taking kids to a library, bookstore, or book cafes introduces them to the world of books. It gives them a chance to see a lot of books and mingle with people who are passionate about literature and reading. They can browse through the children’s sections of libraries and bookshops as they explore and discover more things to read.

Make it fun
Reading is not something you have to force on children. If you want them to develop a lasting love for reading, the best thing you can do is to help make it a pleasant experience for them. And that means not forcing them to read if they do not want to. You can take a more subtle approach by surrounding them with books and letting them explore the joys of reading on their own.